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What is Toes Online?

Toes Online is a web-based person registration and management system licensed under GPL, which can be used by organisations to registrate their members, employees, volunteers or others in an easy and efficient manner. It is a powerful web almanak and member directory with many features, including e-mailing, grouping and financial tools, with much focus on security and easy usage.

It was written for a non-profit organisation and is therefore a little bit specialized for organisations that are (like) non-profit organisations. However, since the system is very general and very customizable, it can be used for a variety of other things - see the section 'features'.

Requirements and limitations

Toes online is written in C#, is cross-platform available and uses mysql for datastorage. It is available natively in English and Dutch at the moment. Other translations can be added easily.


André Offringa

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